Will this market have M$15,000 invested by February 25th?
resolved Feb 25
By the end of the day (EST) February 25th, will a total of at least M$ 15,000 (as judged by the size of the pool) be invested in this market? #meta #shortterm #fun Feb 22, 8:16pm: To clarify, this markets stays open until Feb 25th.
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sold Ṁ100 of YES
need the liquidity for something else
bought Ṁ10 of NO
Will a whale do a last minute withdrawal, crashing confidence? I reckon maybe…
bought Ṁ10 of NO
sold Ṁ546 of YES
Tidy profit, looking forward to repeating it tomorrow if price falls again
bought Ṁ7 of NO
If selling YES make sense, so does buying NO :-)
sold Ṁ511 of YES
No reason to risk it. Payout at 99% is almost as good as waiting for Yes
sold Ṁ195 of YES
Changed my mind. Rugpull potential (whales sell their shares)
bought Ṁ86 of YES
Should resolve positive now
bought Ṁ572 of YES
Went all in
sold Ṁ43 of NO
Eating a $7 loss here before it becomes a $50 one.
bought Ṁ10 of YES
Looks super close! Just ~2,000 away.
bought Ṁ10 of YES
Going all I
sold Ṁ119 of YES
I pulled my money. Not so hopeful anymore and made a nice profit.
sold Ṁ125 of YES
I think this has a higher than 90% probability of yes but I needed the money more for something else :)
bought Ṁ1 of NO
We're about halfway through the period, and about 20% of the way to the threshold.
bought Ṁ1 of YES
I'll wait until market close before resolving.
bought Ṁ100 of YES
Does a whale have an incentive to wait until closer to the resolution date to buy out the market so they don't tie up their funds for as long, or will the market just resolve early if there is enough invested beforehand?
bought Ṁ1 of YES
I would put more into it if I had it to hand. This is a nice sweep for the whales that have $10k - they exist and made a profit on a similar "YES if pool > f({manifold})" questions.
bought Ṁ169 of YES
Anyone with 13600 can pick up a free 14079-13600.
bought Ṁ1 of NO
No is starting to look good.