Will I read a nonfiction book a day for a year?
resolved Jul 4

I committed to reading one nonfiction book per day for 365 days.

I'm currently on day 87/365. You can follow along here: https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/35434507

My previous record was reading one book per day for 180 days. I was doing that full time, and this time I'm not, so this challenge is quite harder.

I didn't really define how long the book has to be, but the shortest one I've read so far has been ~100 pages. Usually, they are in the 200-400 page range.

I'm also taking a loose interpretation of "nonfiction." If it's a fiction book that's heavily focused on learning, then I will count it. But I won't count books that are mostly fantasy or sci-fi, for example.

I'm not allowed to queue up books in advance. e.g. read 3 books in a day and then don't read for the next few days. I can make partial progress on other books, but I can't finish them on the same day.

For books that are really long, like 500+ pages, I'm allowed to split them in half and count them as 2 books. I haven't used this rule yet, but I may in the future.

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What an absolute beast πŸ‘

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Resolved YES. I'm about 2 weeks behind in adding books to my spreadsheet so I'll update that and the Goodreads link around then.

Thanks for everyone who traded in this market and offered encouragement!

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This would be embarrassing if I failed with less than 30 days left in the challenge so I think unlikely to happen

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Wait? Have you been listening to books all along? You mentioned audible and 3.5x speed.

Its still on monstrous feat but not the same as reading them with your own eyes.

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@DanSparkman it's probably about half with my eyes half listening. I try to listen while commuting or doing household chores and read with my eyes at night since the retention is about 30-40% lower when listening.

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It's only play money, but that is radically different than what I bet on.

Your verb was always "read" never "listen to." And you spent a few paragraphs defining at book, but no time explaining that you have 7h per week (as an example) to listen to books in the car. Or that you listen at 3 times speed.

If you post this question again that is essential information.

Are you still doing this? That link you gave has 269 books and this closes in like 50 days, so that's 319 in total. Also wtf, how much and how fast do you read? I scraped your list and the avg book is ~256 pages, the longest is 816.

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@light Yes! I'm roughly 2 months behind on updating my goodreads. The total books read won't end up being 365 as I've split some books over 2 days that are too long to read.

On average I read about 3 hours per day at roughly 450-550 WPM. Depends a lot on the book, as more narrative style reads are easy to go to 3.5x speed on Audible while more academic books I listen to at 2.5x.

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9 months in, I think the only way I fail is if I accidentally forget/fall asleep or end up in the hospital somehow.

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@DrewSpartz what a beast

This challenge is crazy hard and I'm rooting for you

@firstuserhere i said it before and I'm saying it again, dude, this is nuts! And i love it

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I'm selling a bit of my stake because I got extremely sick today and was vomiting most of the day. I'm not allowed to read books in advance so this challenge might be harder than I thought. Barely finished a short book today.

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@DrewSpartz Get well soon!

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@SG thanks man πŸ™

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What's your favorite book so far?

@cos The Confident Mind - https://a.co/d/dy4lcOC has had the most impact on my life so far, and I've recommended it to ~5 people, and they all really appreciated it as well.