Will people vote yes to this question?
resolved Jul 22

Will people vote yes to this question?

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Resolves YES - not counting bots, there are 9 YES positions and two NO positions, and the market is at 77% (well over 50%.) By any reasonable definition of "will people vote YES to this question," this must resolve to YES.

💡 I am using my moderation permissions to resolve this market on behalf of the creator. This is according to the Manifold Markets unresolved markets policy found here.

If the creator returns and wishes to change the resolution, please reply to this comment and tag @DavidChee. The admins will then undo the resolution I chose and you may pick your desired resolution.

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enemelpredicted YES

resolve please

PatMyron avatar
Pat Myron

By number of traders, number of shares?

IlyaXValmianski avatar
Ilya X Valmianskibought Ṁ100 of NO

No! Let the red flood the mana 👹

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enemelbought Ṁ10 of YES

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