If Kamala Harris is the nominee, what type of Democratic vice presidential nominee?
Aug 26
Male Governor
Female Governor
Male Senator
Female Senator
Male House member
Female House member
Kamala is not the nominee

All answers besides "Kamala is not the nominee" only resolve YES if Kamala is the Democratic presidential nominee and the listed type of person is the Democratic vice presidential nominee. Otherwise they resolve no.

Positions refer to the nominee's current position. For example, a former governor who is currently out of politics would be part of the "Other" category.

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I think people are way too down on Senators as an option. The Democrats have nominated a Senator for Vice President in every election since 1984. A common VP role is to be the liason to Capitol Hill. Reporting suggests that Kamala did not excel in this role early on in Biden's term, so, if she is the nominee, she may need a Senate veteran to play this role.

I consider it extremely unlikely that they would run two women. Too many people think that sexism was at least part of the reason for Hillary Clinton's defeat.

Why ruin the conditional question? Will most of this options resolve N/A or NO when Kamala is not the nominee?

@Jan They will resolve NO. Manifold no longer allows users to resolve questions NA. A user can appeal to the mods to resolve NA but seems like the safer option is to include all possible options.

Manifold no longer allows users to resolve questions NA

Wait, what? When? Why?

Not sure on when but here is a screen shot of manifold’s faq on this

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