If Biden drops out, will he endorse Kamala Harris the same day?
Nov 6

Resolves YES if Biden endorses Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination on the same day that he officially drops out of the race.

Resolves NO if Biden drops out but does not endorse Harris on the same day.

Resolves NA if Biden never drops out.

Update: Made this before I realized resolving NA is no longer an option. I will appeal to the mods to resolve NA if Biden does not drop out since people have already placed bets on this market. Otherwise, I will resolve to current prices (i.e. Keynesian beauty contest resolution) once Biden can no longer drop out.

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@DismalScientist I think markets can no longer resolve N/A except by mod intervention and we're not supposed to make markets where N/A is likely necessary. (first part should be easy to check - do you see an option to resolve N/A right now if you wanted to?)

Thanks for the heads up! I did not know that. I created a new version of the market with "Biden never drops out" as an option. I think I will keep this version since people have already bet on it and appeal to the mods to resolve NA if he never drops out.

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