Will I bench 225 by September 2023?
resolved Sep 1

may 1 - 1rm is now ~165

Will my one rep maximum bench be 225 pounds or greater by September 2023?

I started lifting weights in late September 2022 and have a personal trainer. I go to the gym 2-3x a week for an hour each time. I started benching ~45 and can now 1RM 115. I'm 5'10. Will I bench 225 by September 1 2023?

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rip arjun

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@Devansh Any progress?

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plateau at 185 :/

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@Devansh It's a very tough mission!

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If I sold all my shares, the probability would drop from 28% to 3% lol

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Take care of yourself and your tendons. Only try it if safe ;-). I am too scared myself to try 1RM stuff.

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regained some confidence

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@Devansh stuck at roughly 185 though, and i'm in Japan for a month and not sure how much I'll be able to lift

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Can I pay for your gym membership in Japan in mana?

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@Devansh My fiduciary responsibility tells me to sell. But I'm hodling for the cause.

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@Abraxas I will be the fiduciary 😜

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@Devansh ... bought 25 marbles of NO on that alone. :P

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You need to increase by 3.07 lbs each week. I progressive overload about 5 every two weeks. it's rough, but if you stay on point its far from impossible.

Eat. Train. Rest well. You got this man. I believe in my lifting brothren.

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feeling less confident + want to divest from massive position here

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@Devansh How have your recent lifts been?

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@Devansh any progress? Stuck in a rut? Regardless of if you make it, already some great progress since market start!

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@Devansh deload and prep for it and 1rm test right before the deadline

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@Devansh how tall are you? and what criteria for successful/failed rep? (my vote is bar touch chest, butt not required to touch bench, no early spotter touch) thinking about flipping to yes after seeing 185

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@brubsby yep, that's the criteria - i'm 5'10

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@Devansh 5'10 150 lbs, I'm still on the fence, gonna need to see some gomad or at least a 200 single soon before i switch to yes :^)

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@brubsby update all the way

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counting on you. you can do this

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Do you plan to do a proper deload/ prep coming into the attempt? Or just roll through with normal training protocol?

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@LachlanMunro roll through by defaul t