Will I finish my automation project at work by the end of this sprint?
resolved Dec 5

I have been severely unmotivated at work this quarter and it shows in my performance. Using this market as motivation to get it done, since so many things have gone sideways in the process.

Project timeline

7/3: Started build

8/28: Project in final stages of build

9/21: testing unsuccessful, revisited methods of several steps in build

10/6: completed documentation after successful testing

10/10: upstream changes compromised portions of build. Needed to revisit

10/27: resolved bugs caused by upstream changes

11/10: error in project file generation prevents publishing through my org's IT protocol. I need to manually port each step of the automation to a new project file and re-test.

11/20: I am maybe 10% through with porting the project over.

In order to resolve YES, I must finish porting the project and successfully test the automation, then publish it for use before 12/8.

Of note: I have PTO on 11/24 and 11/27. I will not be working on this project during that time, meaning there are a total of 7 working days left for me to complete this.

I will not bet on this market.

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