Will an ETH ETF get approved in 2024?
resolved May 24

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Already happen in Hong Kong.


  1. Analyst Predictions: Analysts predict a strong likelihood of SEC approval for Ethereum spot ETFs in 2024. Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas estimates a 70% chance of spot ETH ETFs being approved by May 2024​​​​.

  2. Regulatory Movement: The SEC has shown openness to cryptocurrency ETFs by approving Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum futures ETFs, which sets a precedent for the potential approval of Ethereum spot ETFs​​​​.

  3. Ethereum's Classification: Ethereum has been implicitly accepted as a commodity by the SEC, as indicated by their approval of Ethereum futures ETFs​​. This classification may make it easier for the SEC to approve an Ethereum spot ETF.

  4. SEC's Deadline and Delays: The SEC has delayed its decision on several Ether ETFs to May 2024, which implies that the decision is being given considerable thought and isn’t outright negative​​.

  5. Reproducibility of the Assessment: Given the current regulatory climate and the progression towards acceptance of cryptocurrency-based financial products, it is highly likely that this assessment would be consistent across multiple iterations, hence the high confidence rating. The ongoing developments and the interest shown by major ETF applicants like BlackRock and Fidelity provide a strong basis for this prediction.

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