Will the giant scale be (permanently) moved from Noisebridge by June 1st?
Jun 8
M$7 bet
The market resolves YES if the scale is in the possession of someone or something that is not Noisebridge (i.e. it's not just outside Noisebridge's gates, or something) who doesn't plan to bring it back, and it's still not there by market close (June 8th 2022).

Danny O'Brien a month ago

I think there's a few people who want to move it out and have done for a while; there was a craigslist ad up for it earlier this month, but I believe that was taken down after it turned out that the person who originally brought it NB might want to take it away. So basically, some plans, much intent, but no active resolution. THE PERFECT PREDICTION MARKET QUESTION!

Em of the Night a month ago

Are there already plans to move it?