Will Tucker on Twitter episodes in July 2024 average at least 50,000 likes?
Sep 2

On June 6th, Tucker Carlson posted the first episode of "Tucker on Twitter". As of writing this market on June 7th, the tweet is at 688,000 likes.

To resolve this market, on September 1st, 2024, I'll take all of the tweets from the @TuckerCarlson account posted in July 2024 that contain videos that are episodes of "Tucker on Twitter" (or equivalent if there is a rebrand). I'll take the average the likes on those videos.

If that average is 50,000 or greater, this market resolves YES.

If it is less than 50,000, OR if there are no such videos, this market resolves NO. This means if he's left Twitter for another platform this market will resolve NO.

This market is one of several attempting to predict if Tucker Carlson will stay relevant.

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