Will a gag order be issued on Fani Willis limiting mentioning the Trump election interference case in public?

In his ruling declining to disqualify the Georgia state prosecution on March 15, Scott McAfee says:

The time may well have arrived for an order preventing the State from mentioning the case in any public forum to prevent prejudicial pretrial publicity, but that is not the motion presently before the Court.

NYTimes says:

The defense had also asked the judge to disqualify Ms. Willis over public remarks she has made, including at a church in Atlanta on Jan. 14 in which she complained vaguely about her detractors and accused them of playing “the race card.” While finding that her comments did not amount to improperly trying the case in public, the judge nevertheless scolded her and suggested that he may soon issue a gag order to prevent further public comments.

This market resolves YES if, at any point before the conclusion of the trial, a gag order is issued by any court targeting Fani Willis or any set of people that includes her (eg, Georgia state prosecution) that limits their public speech around the Trump election interference case.

If by trial conclusion that has not happened, resolves NO. I'll extend the close date if needed.

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