Upon given equation for addition of 1 digit natural numbers, will Stable Diffusion 3 output correct answer in the image?
May 1

If it does so on >=4 out of the 10 distinct equations I use for testing, resolves YES.

Else NO.


  1. Variations/engineering the prompt is allowed but Stable Diffusion 3 must actually get the prompt of writing the answer to that small equation.

  2. Complex prompts and engineering is fine but please paste an ss of the prompt passed to Stable Diffusion 3 during the image creation.

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Since this is more of a challenge prompt I'm not resolving it yet, but some experimentation:


"A sign with the result of the equation "9+7" written on it"

"Equation with "5+1", then an equals sign, then the answer"


Stable Diffusion 3 is out! I'll be testing out this and other prompts soon! Check out the dashboard here: https://manifold.markets/news/stable-diffusion-3

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