Will Jonas Vinegaard take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris?
Aug 11
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Just one spot left, would be a suprise if they didn't pick Kasper Asgreen, Soren Kragh Andersen or Magnus Cort Nielsen https://www.feltet.dk/nyheder/moerkoev_pedersen_og_skjelmose_udtaget_til_ol/

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Jonas is a great cyclist but the maximum number of riders per team is 4. Denmark will qualify for the max of 4.

The problem for him is the course does not suit his particular talents and Denmark has some absolute killers for this type of course. I think I would choose from Pedersen, Skjelmose, Kron, Asgreen, Cort, Kragh Andersen, etc. And they'd all be more useful on this course than Jonas.

With just 4 riders, the only way Jonas gets to go is if he has earned some kind of 'guaranteed' slot based on Danish federation rules, which I have not seen, and does not give it up to a rider more suited for the course.

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@Eliza I never understood why this was rated so high. The course isn't a surprise by any meaning, Denmark has one of the three strongest squads for those type of races, there is an on/off-going argument between Vingegaard and the Danish federation, the race will take place two weeks after the TdF and Vingegaard will probably try to win the Vuelta.

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