How many days since being laid off will I find full-time employment in 2023?

I was laid off January 12th. I am a full stack developer with 3-4 years of experience actively job searching. See my resume here:

How many days from when I was laid off will I find fulltime employment? This will be the date I sign an offer, not when I start.

Important considerations that could modify your prediction:

  • I would ideally work at an Effective Altruism-aligned organization. These appear to by hyper-competitive. But I'll take a stab at focusing on them first which probabilistically should delay my employment date

  • I have a strong preference for finding employment at a US based company which should also probabilistically delay my employment date

    • I'm Canadian and I've had US-based recruiters flat-out back off from working with me because of this

      • However, I don't need sponshorship for a TN VISA and have been told this is likely more due to recruiters not understanding TN VISA requirements don't require sponsorship for Canadians

  • I am looking for full time employment as a full stack developer, but would consider a career switch if the opportunity presented itself

    • Probably a very slight moving up of timelines

  • I currently sit at having had ~10 interviews and having sent out ~30 applications

    • I've focused primarily on referrals to start but will ramp up number of applications in the coming month

  • I'm currently in the second/third/technical interview stage with four companies

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