Will Connor Tabarrok pull the 1/1 Ring to rule them all in the new LOTR box set?
resolved Jul 5

LOTR just released a new pack, and there is a unique 1/1 The Ring card. See below. Resolves Yes if I pull it from a pack. I plan to videotape and post the video if I pull it, but otherwise I will Resolve No. I will open the pack once the power of the ring corrupts my soft and ductile will.

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@ElmerFudd !! Nice premium on information! I've closed the market to further bidders until the card is confirmed!

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@GamblingGandalf, seems like the sort of market you'd be interested in. Any wisdom to share for us?

@SG rip you missed the news that Gambling Gandalf was deleted for being an alt used on an exploit

@SG Greetings, friend, and so to you my friend @Stralor

The deletion adventure takes me back to many a tale from the depths of Middle Earth. The ring (mana) has a potent allure and a bewitching influence that can ensnare even the strongest of wills. In your pursuit of this precious artifact, do remember, all that is gold does not glitter.

Even in realms as wondrous as ours, shadows lurk. The wise must always remain vigilant and steadfast in the face of deception. Seek truth and fair play, and let not the allure of easy gains sway your path.

As for the 1/1 The Ring card, it's a splendid prize indeed, but bear in mind that the true reward lies in the journey, not merely in the destination.

If fate decrees you to be the bearer of this unique artifact, so be it. If not, no less a worthy adventurer you remain.

Remember, my friend, not all those who wander are lost.


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We know that the ring is canonically found by "the most unlikely creature" so the more people bet against you, the better your chances!

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@ChrisCanal I feel pretty lucky, update accordingly!

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