Will Manifold put significant limits on changing usernames by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

It breaks random things, requires code to either use completely unreadable user IDs or work around usernames changing, and does not deliver any significant functionality.

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It breaks random things not because users can select usernames, but rather that is wasn’t thought through 🙄

A downside of blacklists: there is always a possibility of forgetting to add something

@portfolio Just to set the record straight, it was thought through -- as of last summer, @Austin felt very strongly that the current username and URL scheme is good and wasn't willing to brook any change to this system. So if you wonder whether it will change, you should ask him specifically.

@mqp I think the url scheme is good but not the fact that people can change usernames willy nilly. I would support something like "people can only change names once per quarter". That said, this doesn't seem high priority?

@Austin I don't see how the restriction of changing usernames to once per quarter would solve this issue. IMO it should at least work in a way that it checks if there aren't any existing routing patterns matched by the username user is trying to set. As of now there is a similar issue with "/newbies" not being on the block list.

Let's say such a restriction would be in place today. I would have to create a new account, because I would have to wait for a quarter to get access to my profile page back?

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@Austin I consider it high priority that now I can't see @portfolio's trade history hahaha

It's a small advantage, but it is a bit unfair that anyone can do it and hide their trade history pretty effectively.

@Joshua Hmm why would you need my trade history? 🤔

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I want everyone's trade history! Very important to know if you're betting against smart money

@Joshua There's also @news 😅 but his change has less impact because news routes don't have another segment so his market are accessible without changing the url