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Clemens Berting
resolved Jan 22
Will my performance of the "worm" be received positive?

This Friday I will attend a birthday party of a friend of a friend, where I don't know the majority of the people coming(50-70 guests expected).

I will perform the worm dance(short "the worm") because this somehow became a thing for me. I practiced on 2 days this week and my girlfriend rated the performance as "kinda good". My other performances before were considered funny but not good. I want to know if this crowd of strangers will laught at me or find it cool. The market will be resolved yes if I don't get laughed at and/or the party doesn't get silent

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E McNeill

I predict that people will laugh at you and find it cool, since the worm is funny and it’s cool to be funny on purpose. That counts as a positive reception, right?

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Ian Philips

@EMcNeill wondering the same thing. The worm is funny and cool

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This is the most hilarious market I have seen on this site so far