Will Tiësto drop a remix of Charli XCX's "Von Dutch" by end of April?
May 1

I feel like he will, because:
- he has worked with her already to great success, and he is enthusiastic about repeat collaborations (eg Karol G)
- track's pretty good
- he is aware of it and likes it (evidence: it was included in the most recent Club Life set)

Is my prediction correct?

Resolves YES if there is a Tiësto remix of the track on any platform before the end of April 2024.

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Charli just dropped new music


I remain... oddly convinced that this will happen. Tiësto, we've got almost a month, let's go!

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Tiësto has remixed a different song: Lose Control.

@mattyb looks like he’s gonna remix another song

@mattyb Tiesto has remixed two other songs now: Whatever (and Lose Control above).

Funnily enough, Addison Rae, of all people, hopped on a remix of Von Dutch.

@mattyb New Ava Max remix let's gooooo

@Clark nice to see a fellow Pophead here. hyped for AM3 this summer

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Bet against my specific premonition?