Will I achieve more than Move (440cal) and Exercise (20min) Apple Watch rings at least 6/7 times this week?
Jun 26
M$245 bet
Last week: 420cal and 15 min: YES Week before: 370cal and 5 min: YES Week before that: 500cal and 35min: NO I will not bet NO on this market. Already got 19 exercise minutes today. Jun 21, 12:01am: got both rings for Monday. Jun 22, 10:24am: missed the calorie goal yesterday :(. Jun 22, 8:28pm: got both rings for Wednesday. (So just missing the Tuesday calorie ring.) Jun 24, 4:15pm: Got both rings for Thursday. Jun 25, 11:51am: got both for Friday! Jun 26, 7:29am: got both for Saturday! So if I get my Move ring today, I win! Jun 26, 3:11pm: got ‘em.