[Emotional Insurance] Will Orlando City SC win the US Open Cup Final against lower division side Sacramento Republic FC?
resolved Sep 8

I'll be going to the game supporting Orlando City. I'll be betting against Orlando so that if we lose it won't hurt so bad.

Orlando City is in the first division of US soccer. Sacramento is from the second division and is generally accepted to be the underdog.

I know some betting markets return bettors' money in the event of a tie-- this market won't do that. It'll resolve YES or NO unless there's an extraordinary event.

This market closes before kickoff, so there won't be any live betting.

U.S. Open Cup 2022 | U.S. Soccer Official Website (ussoccer.com)

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I lost my mana. I lost my voice. I have no regrets.

predicted NO

Also can't believe this made it to 78% when I had to beg people to take my $M4000 of NO at 40%. Bunch of sharks out here.

Regardless, Vamos Orlando.

Transfermarkt market value comparison: $44.8M (Orlando) to $4.8M (Sacramento)

predicted NO

I think this YES is probably already undervalued.

In the Global Club Soccer Rankings | FiveThirtyEight, Orlando is ranked 317th. Sacramento is 548.