What names on Epstein‘s guest list will lead to indictment?
Tom Pritzker
Prince Harry
Harvey Weinstein
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Les Wexner
Joi Ito
Andrew Cuomo
Hillary Clinton
Noam Chomsky
Alan Dershowitz
Adam Perry Lang
Jean-Luc Brunel

Will resolve to multiple answers and you can add your own

To resolve YES, a person must be both on an Epstein list + indicted.

Epstein’s List Lottery'!

Fancy a game of guess who with a scandalous twisted Leftist? Who’s it going to be 😈??

Bill Clinton,

Bill Gates,

Barack Obama,

Joe Biden,

Prince Andrew,

Prince Charles,

Jimmy Kimmel,

Oprah Winfrey,

Steven Spielberg,

Tom Hanks,

Anderson Cooper,

Tom Pritzker, or another high-profile guest be the next to make headlines? Place your bets in our indictment pool and join the ranks of the satirically savvy. Who’s your pick for the notorious black book's next chapter?" if you would like to add names, go ahead and tag them. I will add them if I don’t think that they are accurate and are guaranteed not complicit they will be removed as presumed innocent. Shits and googles satire.😉🤣😂 doubt it!

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@CaptainHowdy Can you resolve the name not on the list.

@traders Can someone post the list so a Mod can resolve some answers?

Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Hanks aren't even mentioned in the documents at all, much less on the guest list. They should resolve NO now.

@Mana I'll be doing that on my market:

bought Ṁ73 Andrew Cuomo NO

Do the indictments have to be related to Epstein? Harvey Weinstein was indicted for being a rapist, but none of the cases that came forward were related to Epstein.

bought Ṁ30 Jimmy Kimmel YES

@Mana Yes must be directly related to Jeffery Epstein

bought Ṁ80 Jimmy Kimmel NO

@CaptainHowdy And I'm guessing if not indicted by 2025 they'll resolve no?

@Mana Yes, or extend the poll ! I'll ask what y'all think we should do when that time comes!!

@CaptainHowdy That's not reasonable. You should update the description to say they will resolve no. If we don't know what we are betting on we can't rationally participate.

@HarrisonNathan OK then we’ll just resolve it at the end then! Don't get your panties and a twist! if you read what I said I said I might ask all of you who participated in this pole what do you all wanna do we can resolve it or extend it sounds like you wanna resolve it why don’t you just tap out now this is for the dogs in the big leagues!!

@HarrisonNathan I've made a version of the market that makes that clear.

My guess is none

@Igloo bet on it ! 😁

Ok hopefully this one should have no problems