Will Manifest 2024 attendees be able to buy their tickets with Mana?

I'm wondering about the economics of selling tickets for mana. Many attendees might have earned enough Mana previously that they didn't need to pay much or any cash to get their ticket. Others might have gotten mana for their ticket more cheaply from other users. It could be costing Manifold so much that they either don't offer tickets for Mana in the future, or charge a lot more in Mana relative to cash. 

Resolves YES if tickets to Manifest 2024 can be paid for in Mana, and the Mana cost of the ticket is no more than 1.2x the equivalent cost in USD.

(I'm not sure I'm saying the last part right. If the ticket costs $250 and Manifold's still selling 100M for $1, the ticket also has to cost 250 x 100 x 1.2 = 30,000M or less)

Resolves N/A if there's no Manifest 2024.

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@Austin wanted to make it only possible to buy tickets to manifest 2023 with mana; unless he decides to have some change of heart, the SEC comes after manifold, or i for some reason have incredibly strong opinions against using mana[1], manifest 2024 will let you buy tickets with mana.

[1] i don’t. i’m pretty strongly in favor of keeping the same system as last year, where you’re “gently prompted” to use mana, with the prominent option to use a normal credit card/debit card setup.