Will the Manifold pivot involve rationalussy?
resolved May 16

Will the rumored "big pivot" involve rationalussy in some way? Examples include changing the site's name to Rationalussy or making rationalussy-themed markets a more central part of it.

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The pivot is imminent, and I see no rationalussy anywhere. Truly a tragedy.

@ButtocksCocktoasten I request a re-resolution if the new Guidelines include any Rationalussy-related stipulations

@shankypanky If there is actually something like that, a re-resolve can be requested. I figured I should resolve this now due to self-immolation

Resolution please @ButtocksCocktoasten

@nikki let's not be hasty - the pivot has not yet pivoted

@shankypanky The pivot is the announcement.

The metaphor is about someone walking, turning around, and then walking the other way. The "pivot" is the point where they turn around, they've pivoted even if they don't take any steps in the new direction yet.

@chrisjbillington A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and a first step begins with the announcement of the pivot - ancient proverb

@Ziddletwix ah yes I know this verse - new testament, James 20:24

I got awarded one mana for my comment here, clearly they're planning to involve rationalussy: https://manifold.markets/Eliza/recommend-market-structures-that-in#sh4twu0x5hr