Who will win the second Rationalussy Award?

The Rationalussy Award is an award I have made for people who show outstanding commitment to the cause of rationalussy. The prize is a managram for 489 = 420 + 69 mana. The first winner was @dgga. Which user will be the second recipient?

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Mirabought Ṁ50 of Other YES

I nominate @inerati for the 2nd rationalussy award. Top trader in the "rationalussy" group, everyone on Manifold was talking about /DanMan314/will-inerati-tweet-the-word-rationa market last season, and multiple high-profile Twitter accounts tweeted out "rationalussy" or similar because of her actions.

Honorable mention to @Shelvacu because his Manifest rationalussy market is even bigger than Manifest itself in number of traders. /Shelvacu/will-i-have-sex-with-someone-atarou /ManifestConference/how-many-people-will-attend-manifes