Will "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" win The Game Award's 2023 game of the year?
resolved Dec 8

Resolves N/A either if The Game Awards doesn't happen this year or if Tears of the Kingdom is not eligible due to game delays.

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Didn't expect BG3 to be quite as big as it is even having played the early access, really am wondering if it's going to be as much of a slam dunk for baldur's gate as people think though. Almost any other year this feels like a sure win for TotK.

now that the game is out, i have a feeling that there will still be some "valid" criticism on the game itself that will appear in the next few months (especially around the menuing for bows). there will most definetly be critiques around zelda's involvement in the game, the performance on the switch, etc. but i dont think those would be considered as strongly as gameplay.

@astyerche granted, i dont know of any other games slated for this year with the smae amount of hype, so voting yes is probably safe.

@astyerche personally, i have of course been enjoying the game but i think i have been quite skeptical of some major flaws that the hype has led many people to ignore, such as major inconsistencies with BOTW and a large amount of the changes being unexplained. However, i have still seen very little of the lore so i cannot be sure.

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@Chizardium are you talking about lore stuff? only fans who think there actually is a timeline and know what it is "supposed" to be have ever cared about zelda lore

@ForrestTaylor I’m talking about the story in-game of totk and its connections (or lack therof) to breath of the wild, i couldn’t care less about that whole “complete zelda timeline” stuff

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@Chizardium I guess I just haven't gotten to whatever you're referencing yet, sorry. Don't tell me!

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Lots of arbitrage opportunities for this one.

Did the last Zelda game win this award

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What else is coming out in 2023 that might win?

@Tripping Final Fantasy XVI if the story telling lives up to how FFXIV has done. Some would say Hogwarts Legacy but that seems extremely unlikely to me given the current scores (not that they're bad.) Starfield should also come out.

I personally think LoZ is the most likely by far unless they mess something up or one of these other games is amazing.

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