Will Ukraine Retake Control of One of These Eight Cities by September 15th?
resolved Sep 20

The cities in question:
Seiveirodonetsk, Kreminna, Lysychansk, Melitopol, Mariupol, Tokmak, Donetsk, or Svatove

This market will resolve with the same result, at the same time as its counterpart on Insight Prediction:

The Insight market should resolve as "Yes" if, at any point in time before September 15th, 2023, Ukraine retakes control of any of the following central points in any of these cities, according to maps provided by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW): the train station "Avtovokzal" in Seiveirodonetsk, the intersection of R66 and "Kosmonavta Titova Vulytsa" in Kreminna, any part of "Karl Marks street (Vulytsa)" in Lysychansk, "Donetsk (railroad) Station" in Donetsk, the central train station in Melitopol, Azovstal station in Mariupol, the train station "Verkniy Tokmak" in Tokmak, or Svatove train station in Svatove.

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predicted YES

@BrendanFinan damn, I just bought the YES price instead of the true odds

True YES price should be $0.71

Need my coffee

predicted YES

@BrendanFinan where is the yes price from. the 0.71.. the link shows 0.91c

predicted YES

@higherLEVELING scroll down and check the chart. $0.71 is the "mid-market" price, halfway between the cheapest YES price and the cheapest NO price

Right now the most likely is svatove or kremina but ukraine lack the force concentration on this front.
and i doubt they take Tokmak

Good market;))

predicted NO

@DouglasCampbell Thanks, it's not mine! I encourage everyone to find real-money markets that they like on other websites and "clone" them on Manifold