Will I pass the JLPT N2 Test by December 2024?

I've been studying Japanese since roughly May. I have accumulated 327 hours of study so far. I am at roughly 2100 known words. My level is at the point where I can read some simple slice of life manga and TV shows without too much difficulty (blakedgross's profile | Natively (learnnatively.com)). I've recently started reading non-graded readers.

My output skills are not very good. I've done 10 italki lessons and my speaking is very basic. When I was in Japan recently, I could understand what people were trying to tell me, but I could only use basic sentences to respond. I frequently make conjugation mistakes.

I plan to start reading more heavily soon and getting into writing daily to improve my output skills.

Happy to answer additional clarifying questions.

In addition to Japanese, I previously studied Chinese and am relatively conversationally fluent and have read multiple books, probably at the lower end of CEFR B2.

I will take the N2 test in Q4 of 2024 and close the results after.

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Do you already have a jlpt degree? maybe a n5, n4 or n3