On which days will I work more than 4 hours this week?
resolved Mar 11

I am a student, and I am on a week-long break. I would like to use it to catch up to some classes.

Timezone is EST. I may resolve some options late, so no resolution doesn't mean i failed a particular day's challenge. I am pretty motivated by the possibility of losing mana lol

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didn't have time today, rip

bought Ṁ3,000 Saturday YES

day 6: done. not enough progress tho

@Bayesian Damn :( good job though killer week regardless

@Tumbles yeah still glad i made the market, ig 4 hours is more than usual but still not enough

Day 5: done early, got tickets for dune 2 in an hour! see

did: algo game theory, nash equil + mixed + dom strat + DSNE + PSNE + pareto optimality + preference relation + independence of irrelevant alternatives + rationality as preference relation & picking max within a subset S of O + utility functions + rationality <=> IIA for individual agents + rational man + human biases & heuristics + election systems + social choice functions & social welfare functions + IIA for social welfaire func + what about voting system that’s IIA and if everyone agrees a >_i b, then g(>_i for all i) = > has a > b? Only one is dictatorship! Proof is some weird theorem for next lecture, first we show arrow impossibility thm. (edit: this was wrong, this is arrow, the weird thm is that no incentive compatible voting system isn't a dictatorship i think)

That’s where i stopped, tmr and day after i should finish social choice theory and go into equilibria in games, prolly and finish tht too and be rdy for midterm 🙏

bought Ṁ20 Friday YES

Good to hear thst you are not the kind of student, which does nothing for 5 days, and then has two 14h long sessions catching up.

@KongoLandwalker that is literally the kind of student i am.. trying to avoid that using this market as incentive

@Bayesian what do you study?

bought Ṁ1,750 Friday YES

for day 4, i wanna complete this early so i can go watch dune 2, hype

@Bayesian I literally slept 11 and a half hours long. There s 4h10 left to the day and ive worked like 10 min. So gotta work nonstop til midnight woo

ive wasted more than 10 min so far. maybe 15? will resolve it NO, sadge. but i still wanna give myself an incentive to work the rest of the time remaining sooo i'll send one of yall 200M if i don't..

bought Ṁ2,500 Tuesday YES

im optimistic about day 3, am planning to cowork with friends

bought Ṁ2,250 Wednesday YES

yep, went well

Day 2: 2h15 so far
Edit: day 2 successful, derived partial of J(w) with respect to w0, w1, and w-vec for linear regression and multiple linear regression, and watched the lectures ab multivariate regression, and a bit of stats (markov and chebychev thms)

@Bayesian 3h40. got 28 min left to the day. hm.

@Bayesian oh and i need to do 10 more pushups

bought Ṁ100 Tuesday NO

@Bayesian That means it resolves NO, and it' s free mana, right?

@Tumbles NO. 28 min left to the day, and 20 min left to the challenge of 4hours per day

@Bayesian my bad, ig that was not super clear

to be clear, "3h40" was 3h40 (out of 4 hours) worked today, and there was 28 min left before midnight

bought Ṁ120 Tuesday YES

@Bayesian eh hehe makes sense 😅

1h so far

bought Ṁ10 Sunday NO

@Bayesian the day is 2/3rds over!!

@SemioticRivalry Yeah but it gets so much easier to work near the deadline! 😅 (also i slept at 7am)

2 hours done!

3 hours 10 min