Will Trump participate in any presidential debate before the 2024 election?
Nov 6

This questions shall resolve YES if Donald Trump participates in a debate, either in the primary or general election before the 2024 presidential election is held. Otherwise it shall resolve NO, or upon confirmation that no further debates will be held if Trump has not already participated in one.

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How does this market resolve if there's a "debate" that no other candidates show up for? For the general, do non-CPD debates count? If Trump and The Fringiest Fringe Party Candidate get on stage and yell for a few minutes, does that count?

predicts NO

@Jai That would still be a debate, yes. However by definition Trump can not engage in a debate by himself.

@BRTD So any of these would make the market resolve "Yes"?

predicts NO

@Jai yes those sound like debates.

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