Will there be a federal government shutdown on midnight on September 30?
resolved Oct 1

Background: https://archive.ph/2023.09.09-191732/https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-government-shutdown-what-does-it-mean-2023-09-08/

Resolves YES if Congress is unable to pass the bills or a Continuing Resolution prior to midnight September 30th

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This can be resolved to NO

bought Ṁ1,217 of YES

@KevinBurke Not a chance, buddy

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@lucentbruce Wait no I just read the title, I'm an idiot

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That's a big spike! here I was looking for what breaking news could possibly be responsible

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@HastingsGreer The breaking news would have to involve the creation of time travel

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@SemioticRivalry I should put in 99%/1% limit orders to exploit this sort of mistake.

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predicted NO

@AviS please resolve this soon, leagues will end soon.

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@zzlk The market is at 0% so resolving won't change your net worth, AFAIK

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@RemiRampin but it denies you the opportunity to invest in other markets, and if you have a large position then it can't sell without a decent amount of slippage.

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Bought in a tiny bit in case Biden signs after midnight

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@NikitaSokolsky It's always wise to bet on the sleepiness of Sleepy Joe

@SemioticRivalry 1 hour left... I was reading about the enrollment process and delivery to the president's desk. Are you thinking this won't happen in the next hour?

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@parhizj I think there is definitely a greater than 5% chance of that, yes. I think it's interesting that there's been basically no time decay here.

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Will this market resolve based on exactly what time the tweet about biden signing the bill is posted?

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@Joshua I don't think so, it should resolve based on whether there's a government shutdown or not, not whether it gets tweeted or reported on before midnight.

So as long as Biden signs it before midnight I think that means there's no shutdown and so this should resolve no.


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I think Jamaal Bowman had a YES bet that he really didn't want to lose🤣

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It's fully passed in the senate now, just waiting on the white house.

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@zzlk @AviS are you ready to resolve it when Joe signs it? Leagues are ending potentially very soon after midnight.

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@zzlk How do you think it should be resolved if Biden signs it at 8am tomorrow morning?

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@Domer Just imagining the headlines if there's a technical govt shutdown because "sleepy Joe" went to bed early.

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@Domer I hope that doesn't happen. Joe is on standby right now waiting to sign it, so it should happen very soon, hopefully by midnight.

To answer your question, probably "yes".

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