Aug 1
Bernal Heights
Noe Valley
Glen Park
Mission District
Outer Sunset
The Tenderloin

July 1st I am moving to San Francisco.

I have no idea where in San Francisco I will live. let’s predict.

I will be in SF looking for apartments in the beginning of June.

I will be in an airbnb for the month of July finding a apartment.

This market will resolve when I sign a lease.

I will not bet in this market.

Please add answer locations to this question and reasons as to why I should or should not live there to comments below.

25 mana will be sent to each person who posts a well reasoned original comment.

I will also award 1000 mana of prizes for the best comments.


1st 400

2nd 300

3rd 200

4th 100

About Me:

I have a medium/large sized dog so being near a park is a must.

Me and my fiancée both work from home.

Proximity to tech meetups is a plus.

Walkability is a priority.

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I think you should consider Bernal Heights, Noe Valley, and Glen Park - recommending all three because they have kind of similar vibes: semi-urban, chill, fair bit of stuff but not a lot of noise.

  • Bernal is where I lived when I was in SF. I love it. It's a hill with a big park up top where dogs can run off leash (and great views). Lots of places to explore on foot (I went on a million walks during the pandemic and kept discovering cool stuff I hadn't found in five years of living there!). Near the Mission (which has a lot of fun stuff going on) but not IN the Mission (which also has a lot of noise and some crime). Main downside is it's annoying to get to BART.

  • Noe Valley is also near but not in the Mission. More flat ish. Lots of shops and restaurants. Near Dolores Park which is delightful and bustling. Also no BART.

  • Glen Park has a BART stop! Also has a big canyon to explore, and nearish Twin Peaks which is fun to climb. Cute little downtowny area.

Do beware coyotes if you let your dog run off leash though, Glen Canyon and Bernal Heights Park both get plenty of them.

North Bernal is ideal. It is near The Mission but not in The Mission so it enjoys The Missions superior weather but not its higher crime and noise. It’s still near BART, albeit a bit father away. Precita Park is really nice.

One thing that has been under discussed is the weather. San Francisco is very much a city of microclimates and it can and often is sunny east of Twin Praks and foggy west of Twin Peaks. You will see that when are you here in July. The difference between 65 and sunny and 60 and foggy and breezy is larger than you might thinks. I used to live in the Haight and now live in Bernal and I can’t believe how much better it is in the summer.

Near Mission Dolores/The Castro is super nice and central as well. Make sure and check it out. Hayes Valley is famous for its AI scene.

I have lived here 30 years and am a good source for SF info, feel free to ask me anything or hit me up at the conference on Saturday.

@traders the date of market close has been pushed back one month.

I will now be staying in an airbnb for the month of July. I doubt that will change your bets much.

Haight-Ashbury is right next to The Panhandle and Golden Gate Park, so you have tons of green space to walk your dog in right at your doorstep. Buena Vista Dog Park is right there too! The area is quite walkable, though VERY hilly. I believe that it isn;

The Mission is pretty nice, and has excellent food. It's in the centre of the city so there will be more transit options than HA.

The Tenderloin isn't the safest at night and isn't an area that I'd personally like to spend tons of time walking around. I'd cross that one off my list.

Mission is super bustling, and located fairly close to downtown. You’ll be reliant on BART (fewer stops in the city) or buses as no real MUNI (tram) lines go there.

Outer Sunset is very suburb-y and has two MUNI lines which connect it to the city. You get a quieter life, beach and park access, but are generally quite far from “the city”. Everything will be a >10min drive, 30min MUNI, or hearty walk. At least it’s fairly flat!

TL, I know you were joking when you added that but I lived on the periphery of the Tenderloin for a year and it was not bad! The TL is surrounded by some nicer neighborhoods (Haight / Hayes / Fillmore), so living near the TL isn’t always the worst, and you’ll have cheaper rents.

Depend on your preferences, people I know also live in:

  • SOMA (super close to your office, if you work downtown. dies at 5pm and on the weekends, lots of tourists)

  • Marina (lots of bars and partying and a younger crowd - not my pref)

  • Hayes (nice bougier shops, great restaurants, higher price tag)

  • Mission Bay (brand new area, lots of newer apartments, near the Giants and Warriors stadiums)

  • Haight: Lower or Ashbury (you’ll have to deal with the Haight hill, great food, and really cute Victorian houses, a great mix of city + suburb, easy to get in/out of the city)

Idk, what do you like? What’s your budget?

@mattyb thanks, this is very informative.

my budget is 3-5k.

i have lived in the suburb-y areas of cities too many times.

@AviD haight is lovely to be fair

bought Ṁ40 The Tenderloin NO

All your points seem to point towards mission and definitely away from the tenderloin

Walking around the tenderloin (dog or not) is sub ideal

@IsarBhattacharjee I threw the tenderloin in for engagement ;)

The other two i have had suggested to me.

25m sent

@AviD makes sense - I was easily baited lol

Tbh lots of my friends live / have lived in mission and every time I visit it seems lovely. But no string views on outer sunset, could well be as good / better

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