Will the Mantic Markets Discord be a full community by Feb 01, 2022?
resolved Jan 16
Some sufficient but not necessary measures of a community: - 100 people signed up - Averaging 4 posts a day - 5 meaningful conversations between non-admins #ManticMarkets Jan 16, 3:08am: We did it! Some notes: - I way overestimated the number of signups needed for "liveness". My last startup (One Word's) server had hundreds of people; but Manifold is quite active with a couple dozen! - We're blowing past 4 daily posts and 5 total meaningful conversations between non-admins. And meta: - Maybe the most technically precise phrasing is "Will the Mantic Markets Discord have been a full community by Feb 01, 2022?", but that's Should we encourage early resolving of markets? + Pros: faster trader feedback, less money tied up into markets - Cons: Market may have to be reversed; less certainty for traders
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