Will our firstborn be a girl?
Aug 1

Resolves YES if Rachel and my first child is born female.

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All 3 of me + siblings were born male, which I think is evidence for increased likelihood of males since sex is determined by the father? My dad"s sibling cohort is 2 men/1 women too. (I've done zero research into the science of this and am just guessing based on half-remembered high school bio)

are we betting on a current, yet-to-be-born baby (congrats!), or a theoretic one that's not yet conceived (good luck!)?

this matters to me and influences my decision for some reason 😅

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@shankypanky there is a current yet-to-be-born baby (thanks!), but I'm only 11 weeks along—in the unlikely scenario where I have a miscarriage, this one won't count as first born since miscarriages aren't generally referred to as "births".

(I'm actually not sure how this market is supposed to resolve in the case of a full-term stillborn? That's up to Austin, though I really hope it's never relevant.)

@rachel okay thanks for the insights! I hope most of the things above aren't a consideration at all and you have a smooth pregnancy and delivery! 🧡

do you plan to hold out until delivery day to learn the gender or will you let them tell you during an ultrasound at some point?

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Jeez this feels like one of those old coinflip markets.

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Wish you both all the best!

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Hope your baby and its mother are healthy regardless of gender, but it's gonna be a girl.

I hope your first born is a masculine child!