Will I build anything meaningful in Svelte in the next 3 months?
Aug 8
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React is kinda boring at this point, and actually not that great for building interfaces (verbose for many common use cases). I used to enjoy Vue a lot, but at this point all my smartest frontend friends are on Svelte (n=2). And SvelteKit seems to be a drop-in for NextJS? On the flip side, https://mcfunley.com/choose-boring-technology; I might want to spend my personal innovation tokens on Supabase or something else. Let's say "meaningful" here means >20h invested in a particular project. Would love to hear if anyone else has experience building Svelte apps!
I really love svelte and find it very useful for prototyping. It is viable as a production tool right now I would say, with all the libraries that have developped around it. Sveltekit is a little more shaky, it can be good but not very flexible and kinda verbose at the moment I feel.
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Svelte is cool, but not very useful for production apps at the moment. Too many libraries require React.
Svelte sounds like common sense (React is obviously doing a lot of conceptually stupid work at runtime) but the last time I looked at it, it looked overcomplicated to me. If I were building a new website roughly as sophisticated as Manifold today I would probably go back to my pre-React status quo of HTML templates and I would also be taking a look at the current state of web components. I think you might be in a very different epistemic region, though, because you seem into live updates on everything, whereas I think the conventional web model of refreshing for new stuff is typically good. If you want to make a program with live updates on everything that can happen at any moment, that's insanely more complicated than not doing that, so it makes sense that you will need more elaborate tools.