How many blog posts will lsusr write in 30 days? [% * 20]
resolved Jul 1
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lsusr just came out with a huge list of blog post ideas: Bet on how many new posts he'll write! I'll resolve this market to the number of blog posts listed on, that have been added between this market's creation and resolution. Aka number of posts listed above "Here's a List of Some of my Ideas for Blog Posts". Resolving to (number of posts / 20), e.g. if he writes 15 posts this market resolves to 75%. If more than 20, this market resolves to 100% aka YES.
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Blog posts written: - Enlightenment - Dagger of Detect Evil - To what extent have ideas and scientific discoveries gotten harder to find? - The Mountain Troll - The Burden of Worldbuilding - Silliness
His ideas are great, I doubt, however, he is the best one to implement them.
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Selling, There has only been 1 blog post since the creation of this market. @Austin: What was most recent post (=last post not counted) on market creation? and the creation of this market are on the same day depending on timezone.
It's been 9-11 in the last 30 days (didn't look at the timestamps), but 14.8 per 30 days since 2020-11-19 (semi-random date).
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I'm also a lsusr fan, but am here to make some money from your hedge!
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According to, I should bet on outcomes that are undesirable. Having fewer lsusr blog posts would be undesirable, so I'm betting on it!