Will either Misha or Asher get published by the end of the school year?
Jun 2

Resolved YES if either Misha or Asher gets published for a paper relating to machine learning by June 1st, 2024. The research must be technical.
For context, we are both trying to learn ML this semester and both currently suck. It took us around 10 minutes to figure out how to make a matrix of random numbers. We are both taking a graduate deep learning class at MIT and doing MLAB, and Misha is also taking an NLP class.

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@Asher Progress update?

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also progress update??

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Request to change <vaguely reputable journal> to <publish a paper of peer reviewed quality>

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@Vik I'm a little confused about what the exact criteria should be, partially because I don't have much experience with writing papers. Should probably try to get a consensus view before changing the criteria. Do other people have thoughts?

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@Asher my general concern is that a healthier goal for you and misha would be to finish writing and publish your own paper, as opposed to publishing in a peer reviewed journal. This is because a) getting published in a journal has a turnaround time of 3-4 months minimum, and b) you could write a paper of extremely high quality and publish on ArXiv. I would amend the question to “Will either Asher or Misha submit for publication by the end of the school year?”

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@Vik Publishing is often messy and expensive and a lot of pointless red tape needs to be worked around and the bar for submitting, whether for arxiv or to a journal or conference, is lower and gives you more time to actually work on your stuff instead of rushing in march

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anyone who buys no is a hater. @Asher @Misha get cracking

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@Vik YEAH @Asher

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