In "be as good as your word," is Iomedae from Golarion?
Jul 1

Resolves Yes if Iomedae is from Golarion (including if she passed through other planes of existence/etc. before arriving in the Survivorverse). Both "Golarion, on a different plane of existence" and "Golarion, which like Survivorverse is in the Material plane" qualify.

Resolves No if Iomedae is not from Golarion (e.g. she is a Survivorverse-native Idealist, or created by a Survivorverse power, or otherwise not from Golarion.

Either in-thread confirmation or confirmation from the authors will suffice to resolve this market. If the thread ends without answering the question but there is a direct sequel thread that shares a continuity with it, I will also include information from the sequel in resolving the question.

If the thread ends without answering the question and there is not a direct sequel thread, I will attempt to get confirmation from the authors. If I cannot, this will resolve N/A.

If the character who has thus far been tagged from the "Knight-Commander Iomedae" account is not from Golarion, but some other Iomedae shows up later in the thread who is, this will still resolve No.

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