Will I complete the Winter Solstice bike ride successfully this year? (150 km in 18 hours in the dark) [Live now!]
resolved Dec 17

The Winter Solstice bike ride is a Finnish long-distance bike ride that's organised around the longest night of the year.

I have attempted to do it twice and failed both times. Will the third time be the charm?

Summary of the rules: "Minimum distance is 150 km and you can start counting kilometers by the time sunset on 16.12.2023 on your destination. You must reach your chosen finish by sunrise on Sunday 17.12"

Full rules available at: https://www.randonneurs.fi/events/talvipaivanseisaus-2023/

Resolves N/A if I can't participate due to illness, injury or bike failure.

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions in the comments.

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The last leg was brutal. I teamed up with a multi-year finisher. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve aborted due to tiredness.

Also we discovered I know her husband and met him before she did 😎

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Congrats, happy to have been wrong!

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@AnttiRasinen Congrats!!

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@HedShock Thank you! I see you also got some nice mana out of it 😄

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Toijala is closed, will try to complete the last 60 km in one go.

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@AnttiRasinen 30 km to goal

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@AnttiRasinen looks I woke up just on time

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Looks like about 16 km to go and 1:20 time left. That's cutting it close.

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Leg 3 now

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@AnttiRasinen Done. clear skies and headwind made this one a lot colder. Night sky was amazing though

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My planned next stop only opens at 5 am, so changing to Iittala-Toijala-Tampere

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Starting leg 2

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@AnttiRasinen This road is very boring

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@AnttiRasinen Leg two finished. Completely dark roads with no traffic. It was like being in a parallel universe

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First leg done. The start was a bit rough.

  • Got off the train one station too early

  • Realized I’d left my reflective vest at home

  • Lights weren’t working

  • I fell down and because my stem wasn’t tight enough, it rotated 15 degrees to the side

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So pretty 🥸

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@AnttiRasinen stay warm!

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Starting now

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Route plan: Start at Järvenpää, then Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna, Pälkäne, finally Tampere. I hope to arrive to Tampere a bit early. If I need to do extra kilometers it's likely easiest there.

The plan might change if I meet other teams on the road.

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@AnttiRasinen Weather forecast: temperature hovering around 0 °C, gusts at 15 m/s and rain probability >90%.

Good luck.

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@LasseRasinen That is a terrible forecast.

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You’re all just trying to make me upset at your pessimism so I’d finish the ride just out of spite 😉

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@LasseRasinen this is a crazy race

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@mattyb The steep hills are bit of a lie, though. Nothing like the cols of the Alps, just gently undulating countryside.

The true challenge is going to be the weather which is about to get nasty around midnight (UTC+2).

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@LasseRasinen i’m here in California complaining that it’s only in the low 60s. Good luck Antti, I guess

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@mattyb At least you'll get to follow along during daytime, while I'll be asleep and will lose all my mana.