Will world coin be over 3$ at the end of 2024
Dec 31

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency project that aims to distribute a new digital currency to as many people as possible, worldwide. The project was launched with the goal of fostering global financial inclusion. One of the key aspects of Worldcoin is its unique method of distribution. The organization behind Worldcoin uses a device called the "Orb" to scan individuals' irises to ensure that each person only claims their share once. This biometric data is used to create a unique identifier for each user, which is then anonymized and stored on the blockchain.

The project has generated discussion and controversy, particularly around privacy concerns related to the collection of biometric data. The creators of Worldcoin state that their approach is designed to prevent fraud and ensure equitable distribution, while also emphasizing their commitment to user privacy and data security.

This was written by gpt-4 I think it’s accurate but didn’t double checked itbecause I am lazy

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