Will Broom show up again in Planecrash?

Resolves to YES if Broom shows up in-story in person on any tag posted in 2023 or later.

Will not resolve off references to Broom if e.g. other characters talk about him but he is not present/taking actions.

Resolves to NO if the story ends (either by completion or by abandonment) without Broom appearing.

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I don't quite know how to handle this. I asked on the Planecrash discord whether questions like this should wait on an epilogue (https://discord.com/channels/936151692041400361/1022878418653679707/1093658254984364064), and there was broad consensus that they should, but as of now it's not clear if an epilogue will happen.

@AndrewHyer It is your market, you can extend until indefinite or you are free to N/A if it something you do not want to maintain for a long time.

@AndrewHyer Should this extend? If so, how long?
@traders Would you like this extended since the creator may be AFK? If so, how long?

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@SirCryptomind no update for ages I'd end

@AndrewHyer How long should we wait for an epilog? If there isn't one by EOY does this resolve No?

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Does Broom showing up in an epilogue count?

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@GarrettBaker I'd assume epilogue is part of the story, if it is published within the same stream as the rest of the book (i.e. just press next post).

Don't know if the question author agrees.

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@GarrettBaker Discord consensus seems to broadly be that an epilogue will be 'part of the story' in the relevant sense (https://discord.com/channels/936151692041400361/1022878418653679707/1093658254984364064), I'm currently intending to resolve YES if Broom shows up in an epilogue.