Will the DAILY HIGH price of Bitcoin be higher than the previous day? [April 2024](Daily Market)
Dec 31
Apr 20, 2025

Resolve according to https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/historical-data/
Resolve Yes if the day's DAILY HIGH price is higher than the HIGH price of the previous day.

*Traders familiar with my market will know that I usually use Yahoo Finance historical price for resolution source. However, I've noticed occasional delays where it takes over a day for Yahoo Finance to update the end-of-day prices. To ensure swift resolution of this daily market, I've decided to use Coinmarketcap data instead .

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Apr 20, 2025

i'll need some time to analyze the pricing patterns for this one... ;)

opened a Ṁ630 Apr 18, 2024 NO at 1.0% order

@AmmonLam do we need new dates, or you wanna let this die? (near free mana but no traders)

@deagol going to put the market on hold until I find out what the pivot is (it better be good)

@AmmonLam please resolve last few days, thanks.

bought Ṁ5 March 29th, 2024 NO

@AmmonLam Maybe update title? Says March 2024 but options well into April.

sold Ṁ1 March 25th, 2024 NO

@AmmonLam please resolve last 3 days, thanks.

@AmmonLam few more

@AmmonLam I'm a bit confused by this one, if we compare the current day's high against the previous day's close, it'll almost definitely resolve yes since the next day's price starts off around the previous close (assuming no massive jumps down exactly at midnight). In the last year, all but one or two days would have resolved yes

Did you mean for it resolves yes if the current day's close is higher than the previous day's high? I could see that being more interesting

@TonyPepperoni Yes, I make a typo in the description, just fixed it. This market is about comparing the current day's high against the previous day's high.

Thanks for pointing out.

@MichaD I see you've placed some bets on this market already. I could either NA the whole market or privately compensate you, let me know in the pm.