Will Baldur's Gate 3 be on Steam's top 10 most played game at the end of June 2024?
Jul 1
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It's now at position 13 on that page (or 12th if you don't cound Source SDK Base 2007, though I consider that questionable). Trend in its actives has been almost monotonically downwards since release; it seems unlikely to recover by end of June. More likely it'll fall further.

What are the No buyers seeing? Elder Scrolls Online? (Really?) Am I missing something?

@AmmonLam @ssh

@snazzlePop My thinking at the time was: Well, it's a ~fixed-content game that relies on a manually crafted world, so fairly limited replay value. Those games tend to lose players pretty rapidly after release as people finish the thing, and that model was a great match for BG3's trendline at the time.
I took a glance at the trendline, made a guesstimate that if it kept going in a similar way it'd be well out of the top 10 by June, and bet on that.

(It's now no longer in the top 10, so that bet seems to be working out.)

@strutheo does Source SDK Base 2007 count as a game?

@snazzlePop no lolo

start of june version (based on activity) -> /strutheo/will-baldurs-gate-3-still-be-in-the

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