Will a high profile YouTuber quit during Oct 2024?
Nov 1

Resolves Yes if a Youtuber with at least 5 million subscribers made an offical annoucement to quit youtube during Oct 2024
For this market to resolve Yes, someone in the comment session have to post evidence of the youtuber quitting before market closes
Resolves No if no such evidence is posted in the comment session

Non-comprehensive list of youtubers with 5 million subscribers

Note: Generally, taking a short break does not count as quitting.
Note: However, if a YouTuber indicates they will step away for over a year, that would count as quitting.
Note: YouTubers with 5 million subscribers at any point in time are included for this resolution.
Note: If a YouTuber is leaving YouTube to move to another platform (e.g., Twitch, Destiny.gg), this counts as quitting.
Note: If YouTube bans a YouTuber, this counts as quitting in the sense of involuntary quitting.

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