Will we wind up having to rip up the floor and/or ceiling?
May 12
M$30 bet
My toddler got unsupervised access to the kitchen sink and got quite a bit of water on the floor before we noticed. First opinion flood remediation people think we need to tear up some floor and ceiling to make sure it doesn't get moldy in there; we're hoping to get a second opinion. What will we wind up doing? May 4, 6:04pm: I don't have a number for how much water; it did not flow out of the kitchen via the normal kitchen entrance, took like ten bath towels to mop up, and started coming out of the outlet in the ceiling downstairs from it. The floor is wood.

Undox 15 days ago

How much water, is quite a bit. Order of magnitude would be nice? 100ml, 1000ml, 10L, 100L? What is the floor made of? Is in a appropriate floor for a kitchen that should handle some mild spills. Why the ceiling?