Will the bug letting me make two free markets in a row get fixed by tomorrow?
May 5
M$120 bet
I just made one like five minutes ago and yet here we are.

Alicorn 15 days ago

Oh. I guess I assumed it was Pacific time just because one of the devs has come over to dinner at my house in the Pacific time zone before.

N.C. Young is betting NO at 79% 15 days ago

Your previous market was made at 23:46 UTC, so yeah. No bug, just unintuitive UX.

N.C. Young bought M$20 of NO15 days ago

Currently you get a new free market every day at midnight UTC, and it looks like you made this at 00:06 UTC. If I remember right, the devs want to change it to be based on your local timezone, but currently it's acting as intended.

Undox bought M$100 of YES15 days ago

Probably no bug, just a time zone thing.