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Can I start with zero experience and become a sculptor in one year?

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Well done! :-)

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This purchase offer market just resolved yes, which means all that’s left is making sculptures nine and ten, one of which needs to be figurative. (I am absolutely dreading the figurative one, and nothing since writing college application essays has felt so torturous.) I have one day left in my schedule dedicated to sculpting, unless I work some late nights or bring a bag of clay on the plane with me.

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@Alice I'll send you 1200M if you wait until January with sculpture 10

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@justifieduseofFallibilism Oooh, that’s tempting, but I’m in too deep.

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Why is this always higher than the markets it is based upon? Even if all the other markets are 100% correlated this market can't he higher than any of the other markets. Or am I being stupid and missing something?

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@JustifieduseofFallibilism you're basically right, but also hedging is a thing

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I’m taking a two-month break from sculpting, sadly.

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I sure hope the answer is no. If you can start from zero, with no skill, no body of work and no connections, and become 'a sculptor' in a year, that doesn't say much for sculptors as a field.

Good luck to you I hope you have a good year. I just hope the craft you have chosen takes you longer than a year to learn.

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@DanSparkman "Becoming a sculptor" is defined by arbitrary goals in these markets, but they're all beginner-level. Basic competence shouldn't be confused for mastery. It's like learning how to play an instrument. If someone took a few piano lessons and could play some songs, that's a great start! But it doesn't discount how much skill professional pianists have, and it doesn't diminish music as a field.

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@DanSparkman If sculpture turns out to be something I enjoy, I hope I have many more years, too!

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"earn any recognition from the art world" is definitely the hardest one of these criterion to meet

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@jonsimon *criteria

@jonsimon Yeah, it's also the one that's least within my control.