Will I complete my PhD talk restructure today?
resolved May 17

I'm delivering a PhD advancement talk on May 28th. Today I'm restructuring my talk after my advisor told me it needs significant reframing towards content I have much less confidence in.

This market resolves yes if I complete the reframing / restructuring of the 50 slide deck by tonight before bed. Small todos are okay, but 85% of the reframing (subjectively determined) should be completed before I next go to sleep.

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Easy! I thought it was going to be an all day thing. I'm wondering if this is a "what gets measured gets managed" scenario.

It was much less work than expected. I think focusing on the restructure allowed me to cut some corners on the actual content! But it was a very productive day. Thanks to the traders!

It's like 70% done in terms of structure.... Looking good. Taking a break

Plus I'm on Manifold.

Remember I do suffer from ADHD and the feeling of accomplishment is already high.

With about 15 min of work, I was able to move the slides around and seemingly finish about 50% or more of the edits that need to be done. My work day is 4 hours longer without any extra push slots added, so its feeling pretty doable.

The next 50% requires probably 90% of the total labor time. So estimating 150 min of work? That sounds doable right?

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