Will I be in a relationship with M****** on July 31 of 2024
Aug 1

That is approximately our 1 year anniversary! Things are going exceptionally well right now.

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I still miss her but we broke up for deep communication issues and slight misalignments of values.
We'll be at the same festival next week but I don't see us getting back together ever.

Apologies for the lack of activity here! This didn't go well.

I haven't been active on Manifold in a while. We broke up in February, so it's not looking likely.

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alex we seem to be in relatively similar circumstances. (Open relationship, almost the same anniversary)

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@Vespie limit order in solidarity

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@Vespie I hope yours is going better than mine did :)

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She's traveling to Texas while I'm in Montana for Thanksgiving.

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We're doing really well. I think this market is substantially under confident

@Alex lol

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We are in an open relationship but we are considering becoming mono as of today.

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She is traveling for the next 3 months