Will male height be correlated (more than 0.1) with any sexual fetish in the data from my kink survey?
Jun 13
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I tested for ~300 sexual fetishes (though many of them were questions that only appeared conditional on previous questions). I also asked about gender (including trans/cis) and height. The question is, will height in biological males correlate with interest in any sexual fetish? (Not adjusting for any confounders, but I do plan on throwing out things that seem underpowered/sus for any reason, such as realizing people were severely misinterpreting a question answer) Sample size in this dataset so far is around 11,000 (most of them male) Will resolve this market when I finally get all the data cleaned up to look at it, giving myself a month time limit (though likely much sooner)

Tucker Kirven 13 days ago

Do you (would statisticians in general) consider a correlation with the absolute value of the difference from the mean height a 'correlation with height'?

Richard 13 days ago

A you normalizing height?

Matt P bought M$25 of YES14 days ago

Quite likely, not necessarily due to any real connection but due to the fact that if you ask about that many variables you're bound to get a few apparent correlations just from a statistical standpoint.

Aella ​ bought M$10 of NO14 days ago

@MattPrice This depends a lot on sample size.

Matt P is betting YES at 91% 13 days ago

@Aella For sure. And just to confirm, when you say "more than 0.1" in the question, are you talking about p-value or effect size?

Nathan Showell 14 days ago

Does this question also cover negative correlations or just positive correlations?

Enopoletus Harding 14 days ago

I think yes. Male height is correlated with a lot of things.