Will Goonswarm be kicked out of Delve in 2023?
closes Dec 31

Will resolve by looking at https://evemaps.dotlan.net/region/Delve on the 31st of december, midnight PST.

I reserve the right to look at it on january 1st instead and then if there's any question of a last-second shift, do my best effort digging through the change ticker.

Resolves FALSE if the majority of sovnull in Delve is controlled by Goonswarm Federation. Resolves N/A if major reworks to sovereignty mean there is no sovnull in Delve. Resolves TRUE otherwise.

Note that these resolution criteria mean Goonswarm reforming under a different name would cause a TRUE.

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Wamba Ivanhoe

Spreadsheets and Politics, the highest learning curve game ever. Goonswarm must be close to 15 years old, if not 20.

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